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My name Marcus Totok, I have the expertise to read the BaZi Chart.

This skill I received from Mr. MAURO who mastering on Architec and Fengshui in Indonesia also read many books of Bazi from master Joey Yap.

The BaZi is the name of 8 Branch Destiny for the person who births on Earth. BaZi reading is one of the oldest methods from china culture. This method is more than 5000 years old.

Bazi method is more than 95% accurate analysis. Bazi can be used to know your luck period time. With BaZi you can understand your character in life. Bazi can define your strongest element and your weakness element. These Bazi 4 weather elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Bazi is also known as a combination of 12 Shio known as 1. Ox, 2. Rat, 3. Pig, 4. Dog, 5. Horse, 6. Snake, 7. Dragon, 8. Roster, 9. Rabbit, 10. Goat, 11. Monkey, 12. Tiger.

Knowing your birth chart of Bazi will tell your fortune of life. Each combination will representation your life to the social branch, parental branch, spouse branch, and children branch.

The Bazi good combination is the more balance elements in your chart. The more extreme unbalance chart will affect your life as a conflict element.

Here I give service to analyze your Bazi pattern to understand what meaning of your chart Bazi.

Thank you for your trust and wish you always have Good Luck in your life.


Warm Regards

Master Bazi Marcus Totok


  1. Topik Jodoh

Berikut apa saja yang akan Anda dapatkan di Paket Jodoh:

  • Kapan saya bertemu jodoh ?
  • Seperti apa Jodoh saya?
  • Bagaimana hubungan saya dengan jodoh saya?
  • Bagaimana hubungan jodoh saya dengan keluarga saya?
  • Bagaimana hubungan saya dengan keluarga jodoh saya?
  • Bagaimana Kualitas jodoh saya?
  • Apakah saya termaasuk ringan jodoh atau susah menemukan jodoh?

Biaya Analisa Bazi paket Jodoh:

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