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***===>For details Bazi Reading will cost You only $50 USD<===***

BaZi reading consultancy

This full BaZi reading will explain about :
Your Strongest and Weakness element
Your lucky years time
Your Relationship with your Parents, Childern, Partner and Social environment.
Your Money element
Your Career path element
Your Caracter
Your Health potential problem
Your fortune 10 years period
Your conflict branch element (element that can couse your life problems or misfortunes)

“Register Now” pay using your credit card or PAYPAL account for the full Bazi reading.
Bazi Reading Payment can be made on my website at:

About Us

Sent me email with subject ” FULL BAZI READING”

Completed evidence of your payment via Paypal or credit card amount USD $50.
Email your Birth data bellow,
Name :
Date of Birth :
Time (hour) of your Birth:
Location of Birth:
Question for your priority problem area: (Relationship, Career, Money, Health)

The Bazi Reading Result will be sent to your registered email on your payment transaction note form.

The reading process will take 1×24 hours.
Please be patient due to the high demand of the Bazi Reading custommers.

Thank You ,
Master Marcus Totok
Whatsapp me: +6285727398333


BaZi Result sent to email:

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